Shipping Costs

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Delivery time

For products in stock the supply of goods to 14 working days. For products that are not in stock, the delivery time may be extended. In this case, we will contact you about the delivery date by e-mail or by phone.

Delivery of the ordered products and postage

Providers for shipment delivery mail is Slovenia, dd, while retaining the right to choose any other provider.

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the order. When the selected payment on delivery, buyer pays the entire cost of ransom and delivery of Post of Slovenia.

Shipping Weight Price incl delivery
up to 2 kg: € 4.29
more than 2 kg to 5 kg: € 5.28
over 5 kg to 10 kg: € 6.42
over 10 kg up to 15 kg: € 7.56
over 15 kg up to 20 kg: € 8.70
over 20 kg up to 25 kg: € 10.20
over 25 kg up to 30 kg: € 11.61
over 30 kg up to 40 kg: € 13.62
over 40 kg up to 50 kg: € 15.90

In the event that upon delivery at the agreed address of the user is not present goods may legitimately assume adult who lives in the same household together with the customer, or other person who has the power to take over.

In the event that at the time of delivery you are away, you leave a delivery service announcement. The deadline for receipt of the consignment at the Post of Slovenia 15 days.