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Online Shop Belts VERONA be aware that the privacy information on our website is very important. Protection of data privacy very seriously. Therefore, we would like to learn about what data we maintain and what excreting. In this section we describe our security measures.

data collection
Our website you can visit without an indication of their personal data. Personal data is a prerequisite for use of our website, unless you are ordering a product or service. When using our website you can store data on our servers for various purposes. The data may include the name of your Internet service provider, the web site that the link between us, websites you visit from our site and your IP address. This data could possibly lead to your identification, but we do not do. Information occasionally used for statistical purposes, but maintain the anonymity of each individual, so it is not possible to determine the identity of this person. If your personal data is provided to others to provide products or services you have requested, or for other purposes you have authorized, we rely on technical and organizational measures to assure that applicable data security regulations.

Collection and processing of personal data
Personal data is only collected when you submit the application, completion of forms or e-mails as part of an order for products or services, inquiries or requests about materials being ordered and similar situations in which you have chosen to send us your information.

The database and its contents remain the trade Belts VERONA, namely, processors or servers, through which we operate and for which we are responsible. Your information will not be disclosed in any form, provided that you do not consented, or if so will not require judicial authorities.

Personal information that you provide will be monitored and will be responsible for them. Some data may be computer-stored or processed in other jurisdictions such as the United States, where data protection law may differ from legislation in your country. In these cases, we will ensure equal protection of data through the processor that complies with the applicable regulations in your country.

purpose of use
The data collected is used only for delivery of products or services that you have requested, or for other purposes, if you agreed with that, unless otherwise provided by law.

Right of access and correction
If you think that personal data are out of date or inaccurate, you have the right to review and amend any personal data stored in our system. To this end, send an email to the address given in the imprint or contact the person responsible for security at the address below.

right of withdrawal
Their consent for the use of personal data in the future may cancel at any time. Send e-mail to the address indicated in the imprint or contact the person responsible for security at the address below.

data storage
Personal data is kept only as long as it does not perform the services you have requested, or for which you have given your consent, except as otherwise provided by law (eg in connection with pending litigation).

The use of "cookies"
Cookies are small text files that are stored in the memory of the visitor's browser site. By using these cookies we can recognize the visitor's browser, which enables more efficient use of the website. The data collected using these cookies will not be used to identify the identity of a visitor. Most browsers are set enables automatic acceptance of cookies. In addition, you can deactivate the storing of cookies or set your browser to notify you before storing a cookie on your computer. If cookies are stored in your computer for longer than the duration of the procedure, and if after such proceedings are not deleted automatically, you will be notified of this when installing these devices.

How to manage cookies in your browser
Cookie settings can be changed at any time upon your request as follows:
To change cookie settings, select the web browser you are using.

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Online Shop Belts VERONA uses technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized people. Any personal data you send online store Belts VERONA, will be encrypted in transit to prevent its possible misuse by third parties. Security measures are continuously revised based on new technological developments.

Being aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of children on our website we do not collect, process or use any information about individuals, which we know to be under 13 years of age, until they obtain verifiable consent of the child's legal representative. Legal representative is entitled to have access to the information provided by the child and / or to require that it be deleted.

Given all the potential problems, questions or suggestions, please contact our authorized contact person. The constant development of the internet requires occasional adjustments to our privacy statement data. We reserve the right to modify, if necessary.

Authorized person for data protection, online store Belts VERONA:

Veternik Roman, Lower Bitnje 46, 4209 Žabnica

GSM: 031 45 68 01
phone: 04 231 49 70
E-mail: roman.veternik @