Frequently asked questions

Tips when buying leather products

How do I check the quality of manufacture of leather products?
Quality check, review the leather surface. This should be no mechanical damage. Minor wrinkles or. errors that are rooted into the leather just showing straight leather. In addition, all seams should be straight, with no protruding thread and glue residue.

Are leather products difficult to maintain?
Leather products is very easy to maintain. In normal use they can be purified in a simple way by using a dry cloth. Nurture them with creams for leather.

Do they have leather products guarantee the quality of the leather?
All products have a written warranty on the quality of the leather, in addition to the product Declaration also sign Slovenian products, Slovenian quality.

What are darker or lighter patches on leather?
The spots are the result of uneven skin animals and are completely natural phenomenon of animals that graze on pasture and experiencing injuries and bruises.

Tips for maintaining leather

How should I clean a leather bag?
Clean the leather bag with a soft, damp cloth.

Can I wash leather products with water?
No, because the leather shrink and lose its proper shape.

How do I clean a leather wallet?
The easiest way to clean the Leather wallet is to usinga soft, damp cloth.